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Rhinestone transfers are iron on transfers made from hot fix rhinestone crystals. Also known as iron on rhinestones, hot fix rhinestones have a flat back coated with glue which is activated when heat is applied. This allows them to work the same way as standard iron on transfers so they can be applied to fabric with a standard household iron.

Unlike standard transfers, iron on rhinestones sparkle like diamonds.  It is truly amazing how such simple technology can transform bland clothing into glamorous and expensive looking apparel that you would expect to see in shop windows with big price tags. They are guaranteed to impress and will always stand out from the crowd. As well as being a very popular choice for t shirt transfers, iron on rhinestone bling is perfect for custom logos, promotional clothing and promotional t shirts, as it is guaranteed to make your brand and logo stand out from the crowd.

Because the technology is simple and the hot fix rhinestones can be applied to most fabrics and surfaces, they are also used to create a range of bling accessories, some of which appear below.  

Black Wine Cooler Pool 

Wine Coolers

Swarovski Hot Fix crystals

How to Apply

Bride (Arial Round)

Hens Nights

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The Motifs arrived today and they are beautiful. They look great, thankyou so much for your patience but it was worth it. So could I please order another 30 please.

Thanks so much

Bev B